Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Never Let Them See You Sweat

I have never responded well to those who like to push buttons for the sheer pleasure of getting a reaction. I am not sure how I developed my credo however I am quite good at not giving anyone the reaction they are trying to illicit. I am not sure if this is a learned behavior for me or if I was born with it. I’ll let you decide.

I carried a pacifier and blanket around well into age three. I honestly don’t remember it being an issue for my parents. It became an issue at an afternoon tea party that my Mom took me to. I may have been the only child there, I don’t remember those details. I do know that all of the women there had known me since birth. I refer to them as pseudo Aunts still. One in particular was very bothered by my pacifier and blanket. The entire time we were there she kept berating me about how I was a big girl and that I should be embarrassed by my blanket and pacifier. She was relentless. I, of course, did not show any type of reaction other than having a firmer grasp on the blanket and maybe sucking on the pacifier with vigor. She finally gave up and went back to the tea party festivities.

Later that afternoon when we got back home, I went directly to the kitchen trash can. I opened the lid, turned to my Mom and told her I no longer needed the pacifier and blanket and I threw them away and replaced the lid. I never asked for them again nor did it affect my sleep patterns or security issues.


Anonymous said...

I tried to give up porn that way. Well, let me rephrase that. My Mom found the porn, berated me about it in front of other family members, and then proceeded to throw it in the trash.

It affected my sleep patterns (I stayed up way too late figuring out how to get it out of the trash) and gave me security issues (I'd have to find a new hiding place).


Wicked H said...

Howard: ROFLMAO!!!

Little did your Mom know that she created a more resourceful son. Glad to hear you got over your issues. Or did you????


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for sharing this story. I used to suck my thumb a bunch when I was a kid. On one occasion at some type of party at home I remember a man asking me if my thumb tasted good?? I look at him and remember thinking "How stupid is this bozo?? If it didn't taste good, I wouldn't sucking it!" I decided such a question did not need an answer. Stupid adults!!

HotForSimon said...

Howard, my dear...you are hysterical!!!

Anonymous said...

Wicked: Yep, I got over my issues...I found a better hiding place.

HfS: Thank you. That is much appreciated.