Friday, November 12, 2004

More Wacky Medical Tales

Back in East Jesus NC, I had another unusual encounter with a member of the community. Keep in mind that due to the size of the town, microscopic, all of us knew each other quite well. Sometimes whether we wanted to or not, one of the perks of small town living.

This brings us to the town florist, married with three young boys. He was quite the talented flower arranger, a stellar member of his church and very active in the community theatre. He shows up at the general surgeon’s office one day stating he has a problem. Part of my job is to asses the patient before the surgeon sees him so that I can have the proper equipment prepared. I learned quickly that if the problem involved male parts, the patient was not going to discuss the actual problem with me. Fair enough. When he began to stammer and stutter when I inquired as to the nature of his problem , I told him that he did not have to discuss it with me. The doctor would be in shortly. As I passed the surgeon in the hall I told him that it was most likely a “male” issue so the room was not prepared. He smiled and went on into the exam room.

I went about my other tasks in the office. A few minutes later the surgeon popped his head into my office and said we have a slight problem. It seems the florist has an infected piercing and the Doctor needs an extra pair of hands to remove the object. My assistance is needed. Oh goodie! He told me that the florist is aware that I will be present during the procedure and that although he isn’t thrilled about it, he has agreed.

By the time I get into the exam room, the florist’s member is fully anesthetized and he is in position for the procedure. I can honestly say that knowing this gentleman, I would have never guessed that he would have a piercing. Never judge a book by its cover, shame on me. So we carefully remove the ring/post and unfortunately have to complete the circumcision as he was partially gangrened. Why did he wait so long? Things could have turned out better had he acted more quickly. Some lessons are learned the hard way I suppose.

From that day on, if I needed to order flowers from him I made sure I placed the order by phone. You see he would not look me in the eye after that visit. I guess I can’t blame him


RP said...

Partial gangrene? Is there room here for a "green thumb" joke, since he's a florist and all?

Wicked H said...


Absolutely RP, fire away!