Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Return of Longfellow

This might be the best text exchange I have ever experienced, so I will share.....

Wicked H:
Oddest text you might receive...I have lost my english cucumber somewhere between the kitchen counter and my car. Definitely not in my car. Hopefully the Boy is not chowing down. In case you run into it. Have a good one!

Dog Walker:
Def oddest! I'll put up some lost signs in the 'hood. Missing: tall English gent. Answers to name 'Longfellow'

Wicked H:  Snort!

Dog Walker:
Often heard saying: "It's not easy being green." People assume he's seedy.

Wicked H:
Cancel the ransom. Longfellow has been found! Your signs worked!

Dog Walker:
Oh good! I feared he'd get knifed if out in the big bad world for too long on his own.

1 comment:

lacochran's evil twin said...

He does have a peel.