Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Holiday Season Version 2011

Oh the Holidays......

I know we all have the unique quirky family dynamic. Each one of us has stories to tell.

Instead of waxing poetic or nauseous, let me simply give you a snippet of an attempt of planning the Family Wicked's Thanksgiving:

(I phone my elderly parents on Monday November 15th)

Wicked H: Hi Mom and Dad, do we have any plans for Thanksgiving this year?

Mom: Oh, well Brain Surgeon told me it was at your house this year.

WH: Really? I hosted last year, let me check with her and I'll get back to you.

(e-mail to Brain Surgeon(BS)asking what if any plans there are for Thanksgiving right after the phone call with Mom)

BS: I got your e-mail, what is the plan? I am off for only Thanksgiving.

WH: Ok, well Mom said that you told her it was at my house this year.

BS: I DID NOT say that. In fact Thanksgiving never came up in our last conversation.

WH: I figured, maybe she was remembering last year. In any case, I vote we have it at Mom & Dad's house. She can make only the Turkey, we can bring all the rest.

BS: What about Maternal Countessa aka Medical Technologist Extraordinaire?

WH: I tell you what, let me call mom & Dad and make sure having it at their house is ok and then in order to end ANY miscommunication I will shoot everyone an e-mail. That way we all see the responses as they come through.

BS: Deal, talk at you later.

(I call and confirm with Mom & Dad that these plans are sound and send out the e-mail. Recipients include BS ( Older sister) and her husband, Medical Technologist Extraordinaire ( younger sister) and her husband as well as my parents.)

My phone rings 30 minutes later, it is Medical Technologist Extraordinaire MTE

MTE: Hi Wicked, I hear you are hosting Thanksgiving this year, I just talked to Mom.

WH: No, Mom is hosting. It will be at 4 pm, she is making the Turkey the rest of us who can come are bringing all else. I just sent an e-mail

MTE: Oh, well we are going to my in-laws for Thanksgiving. I did not read the e-mail.

WH: No problem, if you could just reply to all then we can all be on the same page. BS and I will bring the rest of the food.

MTE: What are you bringing?????

WH: I don't know yet, nobody has answered the e-mail. But what does it matter, you won't be there you said.

MTE: What about Christmas?

WH: Well usually the married sisters do Christmas on the actual day and then we figure out the rest. Maybe Saturday will be good this year. Although you should just ask that question when you reply to all for the Thanksgiving e-mail. That way BS and her husband can let us all know if that is good for them.

MTE: I'll think about it.

Oy. Vey. Maria!

Here is hoping you and yours enjoy a pleasant holiday season.

For me, there are not enough grapes on the planet to keep up with the impending wine consumption.

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Courtney said...

Ahahaha! Oh how I love/hate the holidays... Thankfully we're going to my celebrate Thanksgiving with my BF's family and for xmas my kick ass younger sister and her hubby are coming to visit from ND while my parents fly to ND to visit my older sibs. My older brother has kids, ergo, he's the one who counts during the holidays... I don't really care, makes things easier for me if I don't have to deal with my right wing parents...