Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dear 2010

I had all these aspirations for a brand spanking new decade, things were untried, fresh, blah blah. You have disappointed me and a few others 2010.

Seriously, if this is any indication how this year is going to pan out, I am screwed! I started out my mantra for the new year with Rainbows & Unicorns. That's right, cynical Wicked H thought by thinking warm and fuzzy thoughts, things would find a way to work themselves out.


Let me tell you 2010. It will take more than a Chica who doesn't utter a word of Espanol among other things to bring me down. While we are at it, lay off the rest of my family 2010. The tenant who vacated BS's premises in a very ugly way will not bring her down either. We are stronger than that. You heard me.

Bring it 2010, we are mightier than you my strapping decade.

Change in mantra....VODKA & WINE.


Hiccups and Kisses!


TC said...

Lemme see, finally saving up enough money for a huge bill and then a WHEEL falling off my husbands truck with all the damage....probably the same kind of 2010 you are having. My sympathies, I'd hoped for better also.

Wicked H said...

TC: Oh no! I have rented a few St. Bernards. Do you prefer Vodka or wine? Hang in there kiddo!

Gargantua said...

Wow! Them there are some fightin' words! I'm glad to see your spirit is not dampened by circumstance. 2010 will not get the best of you!

Wicked H said...

Gargantua: I agree - cheers!

blogjem said...

If you need any backup to fight off the baddies - drop me a line - I'm right behind you.
Can't wait till February!
Waving wildly from New York

Wicked H said...

Frances: Thanks sweetie. I am so looking forward to meeting up with you in February. Gird your loins NYC!

Nutcracker Sweet 54 said...

Wicked ol' girl I'm with you. I keep saying vodka and wine AND drinking vodka and wine.....I now have one hell of a headache and oh the rental property fiasco continues.....things have got to get better....can't wait 'till Feb. for NYC Yesssss! Don't let the Chicas get you down...OLE

Wicked H said...

NS54 aka BS:
O-freaking-le. I'm over her.

On the plus side, Frances is agreeing to meet up with us for a tini or 4. Lil Wicked can have as many virgin tinis as she wants - we will need a designated cab hailer.

C'mon February!