Monday, December 22, 2008

Fa La La La La La La La Laaaaaaaaa

This evenings conversation between my good friend, the Pet Whisperer and I:

Pet Whisperer: (who routinely calls me while commuting back from work) As soon as I get home, I need to make the DAMN cookies.

Wicked: Geez, what kind of cookies are you going to make?

Pet Whisperer: Pinwheels!!!!

Wicked: Can’t you just make drop cookies like the rest of us?

Pet Whisperer: They are my husband and son’s favorites!

Wicked: Surely there is a bakery that we can buy them from. I will do the leg work, seriously.

Pet Whisperer: It won’t be the same.

Wicked: Oh my God. Who told you to make it a Martha Stewart Christmas?

I am still hoping that perhaps her cell phone simply dropped the call. I really think she hung up on me.


qualcosa di bello said...

tell her that if she comes by my place & puts the ornaments on our tree (it only has lights today, 12/23)...i will happily pinwheel her cookies!

signed, martha stewart-NOT

(ps. that means i can eat more cookie dough...a very good deal for me!)

The CEO said...

pinwheel cookies? whatever happened to Big Wheels, like a Lexus?